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Creating a feature rich custom website for deals with payment gateway support and front-end deal submission would cost thousands of dollars and if you decide to list your deals on marketplaces like Groupon you end up paying a large amount of your earning to them as commission. On top of your Directory website you can install this plugin and you will be ready to go live with a deals section on your website. You can easily add your deals and sell them but the USP of this plugin is you can also allow your visitors to submit their deals on your website and you can charge them for listing their deals and if you want you can also take commissions on each sale of their deals.

I think that deals websites will be around as long as there are a very large number of eCommerce players. Click here to see a Directory-powered deals website in action! Add discount coupon deals to Directory or any of its child themes with a few clicks. On your website with deals plugin, everything will revolve around you as an admin.

You can add deals, moderate deals submitted by other sellers, you will receive payment for each and every deal sold from the website, manage the whole website. Thanks in advance. Not sure if either of these would do that, as I am not exactly clear on how they need to work. But there is the Smart Coupons extension and also the Group Coupons. Hi, I currently have smart coupons installed with woocommerce. When I create a variable product for gift cards, and try to link the coupon i created to that product.

I can not type anything or select anything in the coupons box when i try select what coupon I want to link to my product. Any idea why I cant link anything to my product? I believe you cannot set a coupon for a variation in WooCommerce. Is that correct? The reason i;m asking is I wanted to make a special coupon code just for me and my partner to use.

Thank you. Actually that should not be a concern as no one will actually land on that coupon page. That is just the default functionality of WordPress that is used for pages, posts, and post formats. Eg, want to make a page private, use that. If you were to make it private, I think that would mess things up on the usage of it if you did share it with anyone.

I know you would have to be logged in. Thank you so much. I was hoping that would be the response. I could find precious little on this subject doing a search. Always enjoy your work! Hi Bob. I can select categories but the products box is blank. That is odd, if you have published products. All I can guess is that there is some plugin conflict, although that seems like a strange one.

I would check to see if everything is updated, and also if you added or updated any plugin recently, that could very well be the culprit. I was wondering if there is a way to set up coupons to only apply to product price but not shipping? I have a site with touristic offers. I have a question. And if he pays over two weeks close to the departure date , he pays the full price. How can be implemented through coupons? In woocommerce the variable price is only possible for a single period dates.

But in my case, I want 3 different payment periods. So, these coupons can be applied based on period dates? Thank you! There are plugins out there that do conditional logic on the cart, I believe I have one on this site if you search. Cannot say for sure if that will do the trick, but my thoughts it this will take more than the coupon functionality offers.

Depends on how your homepage is set up. What theme you are using. Where you want it on the homepage. What should it look like. Unfortunately too many variables to be answered in a commment. Thank widget areas on your homepage. Or if you are using a page builder, a spot for those.

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WordPress Coupon Theme

You will just need to get a bit creative and how you want to deliver this. You basically created a coupon and decide who you make it available. How much you limit the usage, exposure is up to you. Happy to explain more if you could give me an example of what you are wanting to do. We will try our best to work on your ideas.

The following people have contributed to this plugin. Full changelog can be found here — WP Coupons and Deals changelog. View support forum.

Problem with starting a deals site

Skip to content WordPress. Live Demo Key Features Very lightweight, loads fast. Responsive and attractive shortcode. Live Preview of the coupon as you create it. Insert shortcode directly from the post editor. Click to copy functionality. Voting System for individual coupons. Social Share Buttons for individual coupons. Widget to show coupons and deals on widget areas.

Easy to use settings. Coupon categories to categorize your coupons.


Expiration system to show coupon expiration. Stylesheets and scripts are loaded conditionally for better performance. Pro Features Hide Coupons. Coupon expiration countdown. Coupon Templates. Show Specific Coupons. Show Coupons of specific Category.

10 Best Directory WordPress Themes for Affiliate/Coupon/Deal/Listings

Show Coupons of specific Vendor. Coupons Archive Page. You can also show coupons and deals on your sidebar or other widget areas using an widget.

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You can create three types of coupon. Coupon Deal Image The coupon shortcode comes with the functionality to click to copy coupon. Also, when users click on this button, nothing is copied. Only your link opens in a new tab. Coupons shows the list of all coupons you have added. Coupon Categories shows the categories, You can also create categories here. Settings contains some general settings you can set. Screenshots Example Shortcode output. Widget Output. Adding a new Coupon Category.

How to Make a Coupon Website in WordPress - 2018

Adding a New Coupon Code.

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