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Beyond AirPlay, the Urb UrbanEars' headphones make a statement through simplicity. There's little in the way of obnoxious branding, instead relying on solid colors and clean design to be recognizable. Other than a small black tag with the company's name on it, there's no way to tell who even makes them, but that very same minimal design is what makes th The Next Web.

The Platten 2 BT, much like the original Platten 2, maintains that design, with the main difference that the Platten 2 are wireless. The Verge. Connected through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a different mood can be set in each room or equally, the speakers can be grouped for synchronized listening.

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Wrapped in an acoustically- transparent fabric, each spea Urbanears Stadion review: This is not how to do Bluetooth earphones I think that I've made my opinion of Bluetooth audio accessories clear by now. However, in case you haven't heard it yet, here it is: I don't think highly of them.

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The convenience factor is often eclipsed by lackluster sound quality, battery life, or both. Until now, I never considered any of the pairs that I have used to be outright awful. Unfortunately, today is the day that I must amend that because Urbanear's Stadion represents the most disappointing pair of Bluetooth earbuds that I've ever had the misfortune of using.

I realize how harsh that sounds, but there is no better or nicer way Android Police. Users can choose from three different sizes and either a conventional Urbanears makes the jump from headphones to home audio with a pair of connected speakers Urbanears is a headphone company primarily known for making nicely designed, decent quality headphones at affordable prices. Today, the company announced that its making the jump from headphones to speakers with the first two models in its new line of Connected Speakers: the Stammen and the Baggen. Urbanears built AirPlay and Chromecast into its WiFi speakers The last time we covered Urbanears, the company was hawking headphones with quilted padding.

Now, some six years later it's getting into the crowded wireless speaker game. Long story short, the Connected Speakers are colorful noise boxes that you can network together for multi-room sound; you can set them to play the same track in sync, or separate ones.

Each unit has Airplay, Chromecast and Spotify Connect capabilities built in too, so blasting Papa Roach's "Last Resort" from every room while you're trying to argue for an unpopular rule-change at your house should be pretty easy. If you wa These are almost the same speaker made in two different sizes, wrapped in deg fabric, and available in neutral colors like black, grey, and navy, but also interesting shades like light pink, dark green, and bold orange.

The reason we're talking about them is that they're connected speakers and come with plenty of integrations out of the box: Chromecast Built-in, Apple Airplay, and Spotify Connect. Beside WiFi, they also have Bluetooth and Auxiliary input. Google announces 'made for Google' program to certify accessories The focus of today's announcement might have been the new Pixel phones, but Google also had a nice little surprise that accompanied all the hardware-related news.

At the bottom of the blog post for the new Pixel phones, Google revealed that it has a new program called "made for Google" which certifies that accessories like cases, cables, and headphones from different manufacturers meet the company's stringent requirements. Details are sparse, so we don't know exactly what these requirements are, but it sounds like Google will be individually testing accessories to ensure compatibility and s The Kransen headphones delivery clear, loud sound in a concise and colorful package.

The smart CableLoop lets you keep the coil in one simple package, too. One company, Urbanears, is making some stellar products which tick all of the aforementioned boxes. The Scandinavian-based company offer Men's Health.

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The Lotsen looks almost exactly like the Stammen and Baggen, only smaller. It has the same boxy, fabric-covered design, the same bright color options, and the same two-dial control scheme for volume and switching between Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, aux, and preset Spotify or internet radio stations. It can pair in multiroom audio systems right alongside its larger and Up top of this speaker is an array of buttons and dials. Wired connectivity It promises "well-balanced" sound for small- to mid-sized rooms and is meant to sit on corner tables and other areas where i Sure, all the pieces make sense on paper — the thick plastic neckband is durable and holds important hardware like the battery, the stretchy coiled cords should make it easier to get a comfortable fit that stays in your ears, and New Wireless Headsets for Everyone-- from Music Lovers to Athletes Wireless headphones are a must have accessory and new models are being been created with superior sound and design to meet the needs of every type of user.

Gamers, music lovers, and marathon runners can now all find the perfect device.

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These headphones last forever over 30 hours of playtime and the customized 40 mm dynamic drivers guarantee amazing sound. The headphones are equipped with ext Urbanears Lotsen shrinks speaker lineup size but keeps its best features Urbanears is back with a new compact wireless speaker, Lotsen. As with both of those models, Lotsen features physical control dials and an angular, square shape, and it can be used as part of a multi-room audio setup.

Both of the larger models are offered Think Sonos, but with a retro aesthetic. Marshall is known mainly for its guitar amps, but the company has recently delved into personal audio by licensing its name out to Zound Industries, the same company behind UrbanEars. The two companies supposedly collaborate closely on audio as well as the design. There are three models in the lineup.

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The Action is about the size of a large lunchbox The Best Road-Ready Music Gear A little music at just the right moment can take the edge off tedium and improve mood, even just by canceling out an annoying rattle. More realistically, a smart shopper can find a studio-grade pair of cans and still have money leftover for a DAC. To describe the clarity of its sound would waste my time, for you simply have to hear it to understand it.

This open-ear headphone puts sound fidelity above all else. Bose headphones are a bit of a joke among elite headphone communities. In fact, most agree that they sound great.

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The downside is usually the price tag. However, this is the time of the year where MSRP goes out the window, and anything is on the table. Just note that if you have an Android phone, the version with optimized inline controls for your phone type is not on the same sale currently. The overall sound is nice too, and you can always turn off the low-end boost when you want to enjoy the natural balance of an acoustic track. Read More From Heavy.

A gaming headset looks very out of place next to high end OEMs and top of the line noise cancelling headphones. The sound is tuned more towards picking up nuanced sounds in video games, but there is nothing to dislike about improved stereo separation and an impressive dynamic range. Urbanears may not carry the same legacy as big players like Sennheiser, but they are a solid budget pair of over-ear headphones that just got budget-ier.

Their Plattan headphones are their first Bluetooth wireless pair, and it sets the bar high with sleek touch controls, and a well-rounded sound that works for all types of listening.

urbanears black friday deals Urbanears black friday deals
urbanears black friday deals Urbanears black friday deals
urbanears black friday deals Urbanears black friday deals
urbanears black friday deals Urbanears black friday deals
urbanears black friday deals Urbanears black friday deals

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