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All the family had a ball and I would like to thank you for all your help in organising everything. Transport, flights etc all without any hitches. We had a ball, the hotel was perfect lovely clean room. Helpful staff, delicious breakfast with plenty of variety and no shortage.

Best Hotels in Disneyland Paris, France

The half-board worked out great and we had a fantastic evening in Cafe Mickey. We will be back to book again real soon. It was our first time to Disneyland Paris and we have a fantastic time. The Character breakfast was the highlight for my 3 year old Lily and I would definitely recommend it to anyone travelling over to Disney. Unable to display Facebook posts. Show error. Return Date:. Promotion Code:. Park location: Paris Florida.

Thank you for the info. In some website they required the date of visit to Euro Disney. Does it means it is valid for anytime? One question. Is the ticket can be used at any time? Thank you. Hey Deddy, I am glad it was useful! Hope it helps! Have fun in Disneyland! Hi Yulia, these E-tickets do they need to be exchanged for real tickets at the gates or they have already barcode on them?

My second question is, fnac only asks for 1 adult name the one who pays does that mean if i buy 2 adult tickets they will be all in my name? No, they do not need to be exchanged, just print it and it will be scanned, no problem 2. Check the calendar, it says there clearly. Thank you so much for the compilations — concise and very useful. I want to visit Disney on 22nd October I have got an offer.

But I am note sure whether it will be valid on my date. Need your help. The offer says :. Hi, Abhishek! The translation is correct — you can only use this kind of ticket till 30th of September. So, if you will go 22nd of October, it will not be valid. Try either buying the same ticket a bit later maybe they changed the pricing policy, I am not sure or buy a Super magic ticket, it will allow you to go any day you want. Hi Yulia! What a great deal. However, if I am printing the ticket at home, how will this affect the Fastpass process?

Also, can I exchange the printout for a hard ticket at guest services as a memento? Hello Oscar! As far as I know, you can alway by the Fast track pass when you are already inside the park. Concerning your second question — i do not know if you can change it to a hard ticket. Maybe at the Custumer service if you specially ask for it. Othervise the printed copy is enough. We are going to Disneyland Paris the last week of October, which is high season due to Halloween and would like to purchase tickets prior to arrival in Paris to avoid the ticket lines.

Is there a better price for purchasing at least 5 days in advance on FNAC? I am not sure about the Ticketmaster, never tried that one. Usually the rpice on Fnac website is the best you can get, but check the official website, it might be that they have some crazy promos on your dates too. Do you have any idea if I can just head out to a FNAC store there in Paris there are many and buy the tickets for the same price as on the website? Never did it, but if it is cheaper and it makes sense for you — yes, you can totally do it then!

Hi Ketherine! I am not sure why the Print at home option does not work, lets hope it is a temporary problem. If you are already in France you can stop by any FNAC stores and just buy it from the cash register there for the same price. Thanks for this information! I am planning a summer trip with wife and two kids — the savings add up! Best to you Yulia! You are welcome, check if they have some family packages on Fnac as well, they might have it as well! Thanks a lot for sharing this!

Top 10: the best Disneyland Paris hotels

I did not know about the FNAC option at all. Did you ever get to review the parc as blogger? And, did you ever go to Parc Asterix review of the parc on my blog? Just press the English flag on the top of the site. However, even if the interface of the site is in English, the description of the tickets is not translated at the moment. Google translator seems to do a great job!

Hi I am going paris on tenth of may visiting park on 11th and 13th family of four two adults two kids one 13 and one 7 which tickets would you suggest to be the best for us any help would be appreciated yours faithfully Elaine x. Hi Elaine, check what family promotions they have at the moment, that might be the best option for you! Also, because you are not visiting in sequential days, it might be a good idea to buy 1 ticket for one park and the second day for the second park.

Check what is better money-wise for you! Hi Kyriakos, if you decide to go any day between 27th of April to 1st of May, you can buy Magic tickets for you and your wife. If you want to visit during the holiday 2,3,4 May you should buy Super Magic ticket. Hope that helps! Do i need to create an account before buying tickets on FNAC website? When i tried to create an account, it says email ID already registered. Hi Prateek, yes, you will need to register on the website in order to buy the ticket.

I recommend trying your other email if there is a problem with your first one for some reason. I will be in Paris on 25th of May I have half a day to spare. I will have my kid with me as well. Is it worth to give Disneyland a try for half a day? Going there for 3 hours and spending just 2 hours there is not such a good idea in my opinion. Count your time and decide according to that! Dear Yulia thank you for your help: i have couple of questions, i hope you can help me: im planing to arrive with my son on September ,do you know if i buy the tickets direct from the store not on website i get the same price?

Hi Dikla! Answering your question — yes, you can buy the ticket from FNAC store as well, the price should generally be the same as on their website but there might be exceptions, errors in the systems etc , but generally i think it is safe to assume it is the same price. Yes, if buying separate is cheaper for your dates , go for that one, it makes no difference! Am I missing a step when trying to find discounted tickets? Hi Vernon!

Good question, thank you! Sometimes it can happen that the price is the same, especially when Disney holds their own promos. Where shoud i get this number? Thank you Yulia! Thank you so much! Please could you help? Thank you Sharon G. Hi Sharon! Let me try to help you :. Click it and you will see all the dates with colors. I also recommend you to check the official site for promotions.

Check out these popular cities in Disneyland Paris

Especially if you plan to also book a hotel near Disneyland, they will have a ton of packages for you to choose. I hope this helped! Hi Yulia. Week Days, consecutive days, party of I can see that there s cheapper to buy two separate orders of special mini tickets, than the option of two days two parks on consecutive multi days. Is it allowed to go to the Parks buying special mini tickets for two days separately, instead of multi days?

I would like to buy two orders of mini and use them on consecutive days. Sorry for my bad english. Thanks a lot. I have been reading almost a book of disneyland ticket guidelines I but cannot get any full details or helpful should I say until I came accross your website. Thank you babe! Thanks so much Maui, i am so happy it was useful for you guys! Yes, correct, just double check in the calendar in the post that the dates you want to go are green mini. But as far as I am aware, August almost doesnt have a Mini ticket only 4 days at the end of the month as it is the most popular months.

Yes, when you printed the tixs, you just go straight to the gates, they will scan it from there, no need to stay in any line! Also, as you go in the most popular month and it is your honeymoon , I suggest you read my other post 6 places in Paris with the longest queues and how to avoid them. Have fun! Hope the promo will come back soon! Thanks for the info! GetYourGuide is a totally legit company,no worries, one of the biggest in Europe. Have a great stay in Paris! I just purchased 4 tickets for me and my sisters from Ticketmaster. Will my companions be able to use the tickets despite having my name in them?

Also, do we need to have them exchanged for real tickets at the gate or can we get in just with the printed copies? In my opinion, it should be fine, they dont check the names on the gate, just scan your ticket, thats it. But to be safe, just in case, I would write to Ticketmaster too. You dont need to change it to a ticket, the printed confirmation with a barcode is your ticket, just go straight to the gate, no waiting! I think it is. As long as there is a barcode that they can scan, it makes no difference for them what kind of ticket that it. Quite useful tips , but what about traveling to paris but want to now price for short entrance ex h it would help me a lot and not by online purchasing but when u get there.

Thanks in advance. Hi Enisa, not sure what you mean? You want to buy tickets hours in advance but not online? You can do so in the cash register of the particular attraction you want to visit. Hello, i will be going to disneyland in february during a week day with a couple of friends and we are thinking of getting a fast pass ticket. Do you think it is worth it and how expensive is it? Definitely worth it, it is such a different experience when you dont need to wait in the line for 2 hours for each attraction.

Since recently, I always buy a fast pass for all popular amusement parks. Hi Yulia You have been amazing… I love reading your post. Question: Can you only buy a fastpass at Disneyland itself? They are sooo expensive on the Disneyland site.. So glad you enjoyed the post! Can i purchase the MIni one instead of the Magic Flex? I also recommend buying a fast pass at the park because it will probably be very crowded! Hello again Yulia!

We are here in Paris for three weeks and I want to take my father and my 5 years old son but I was so confused! For the two parks! And there is another website which is picniq. Thank you for this but im not sure if i got the mini,magic right.. Unfortunately, its not available to purchase yet.. Hello Kay! It is a bit too early i Suppose, wait for a couple of months, i am sure it will be available then. Hi, we have just bought 5 x magic flex tickets through ticketmaster.

We have received the e-tickets but they all have the same name on them. Do you know if we will have any issues in swapping these for our yearly magic flex passes if they all have the same name on?

Top10 Recommended Hotels 2019 in Disneyland Paris, France

I know that they do not check names when they scan the qr codes at the gate, but you might want to write to ticketmaster to double check that just in case, I am sure there will be no issues changing the names. Thank you for your helpful posts. All the calendars stop at June. Do I need to wait a couple months and come back or am I looking in the wrong place? Hi Carolyn, good note, thanks! I also searched and I can find the same thing. My suggestion is that it is too early indeed, but you could try writing direcly to Disneyland, hopefully the will be able to give you more concrete information.

Thank you for your previous reply. From your experience, do you think in a couple months this price would go down to what it was back in October? Thanks for your help! I think the price increase is due to the fact that I made my research quite some time ago, not because of the seasonal or promotional changes. In my experience, prices almost never go down especially for such a popular attraction as Disneyland, so I would not wait but I might be wrong of course. Hi We are 4 adults and 4 kids age 12,8,8,2 and we would have only a day to cover Disneyland Paris.

We are planning to visit on 16th May which is a Mini day. In case we book tickets online, due to inclement weather if we are unable to attend, can the tickets be used on other days? Online on ticketmaster, it was showing me Billetcollector tickets for 4. Hello Maulik, 1. Yes, you can attend the park in any of the Mini days see calendar , you do not actually specify an exact day when you buy a ticket. I have a blog post about Awesome Disneyland rides.

Even if it is old, I think it is still quite good. There are newer rides built like Ratatouile, so be sure to add that to the list as well! Not sure what is that, maybe a fee to collect the ticket? Yes, it is totally possible to cover the must-does. If you are willing to buy an Fast Pass, I am sure you can cover almost everything in the park! Hi Yulia, I am travelling to Disneyland on the 4th may for 3 nights, there is 2 adults and 4 children, we arrive quite late and will be staying at the Disneyland Magic hotel.

Few questions below: Do you know what this hotel is like? As we arrive late we will probably want to eat somewhere, do you have any recommendations? Breakfast is included but again we will need to eat lunch and dinner, any recommendations? How far is the airport to the hotel, should i hire a car or is there an easy way to get to the hotel? Do you know if the hotel offers a shuttle to the park? I see from above you recommend the fast track tickets, are these purchased separately? We depart on Monday late afternoon, where would be best to visit and eat on Monday? There are also many restaurants at the exit of Disneyland if you want to have a dinner with your family after the park.

There are plenty of food options inside the park for when you get hungry in the middle of the day. The transportation depends on which airport you are coming from, but there is a train from Paris, that can take you to the entrance to the park. You can take a free shuttle bus from there to the hotel. Yes, because you re going to visit during the weekend, I stronly advise to get a Fast Pass in case your budget allows of course , you can only buy it when you entered the park, there is a kiosk on the right or just ask the staff.

I just wanted to know. I would like to prenotate this April to get a euro Disney ticket for June like on the 29th. Is that possibel? Does the price change? Or is it fixed. I would like to go there during weekdays. Thank you very much! As you will visit in the weekday, it might be a MINI one the cheapest one , check the calendar on the website or inside my post. We are planning for Disneyland Paris trip and planning to spend complete Saturday morning till evening.

Could you please recommend best option in terms of tickets for myself, my wife and 2 yrs old kid 3 members? Hello, I recommend taking 1 day 2 parks tickets, in my opinion thats the best option for 1 day. Thank you so much for this detailed article on tickets to disney. We are extremely happy to have found it, and get some majour discounts. We are a big family, and want to do 4 days in the park.

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Does that mean we have to start our visit on that date that we specify or is it just so they can have a time frame of the 1 year validity of the tickets? Hi Rossana, I am happy help! I addressed your question directly to Picniq and this is what they replied: for any multiday tickets from days they have validity for 1 year from when we picniq process the order.

We ask for a visit date just so we can prioritise processing of ticket orders, that way if people are going in the next couple of days we can make sure they have them processed and delivered urgently compared to a visit that would be in a few months Hope that helps, have an amazing holiday! It makes perfect sense now. Thank you for providing this place filled with invaluable information.

You are awesome. I will be leaving for Paris tomorrow early morning and now do not have tickets to take with me and will have to look for some place in Paris to print them out. I hope they will process it asap, they usually do! As for printing, I dont think you need to do it, just show the barcode on your phone at the entrance.

I called them and they said it can be 48 hours or even more in peak seasons!! They said u have to have a paper print out. I think u should add this information to ur blog post sbout there being no immediate tickets to save people a lot of trouble and last minute stress as ur page says that they are sent immediately and this is not true.

Thank you for the information, Sara! My daughter and I planning to go to Disneyland in November for her 5th birthday. We are going to be there for 2 days. What is the best to buy: 2 days 2park tickets OR 1 day 1 park and visit each park on a separate day? How realistic is to explore 2 parks at the same day? Hello Natallia, nice to meet you! You could do that if you wish, but the thing with the parks is that the attractions there are not divided proportionally. The main one need like 1,5 days to discover everything and half a day for the small one will be enough in my opinion.

The smaller one also closes much earlier. For example, the bigger park has a lot of great thrill rides which I am not sure you would go to a lot if you are traveling with a 5 year old. Hi Lital, i have address your question directly to Picniq and here is what they replied: We are right at the end of the Adults Child prices special offer visiting period, however the important thing is the visit date selected in the calendar and not the date that you purchase.

If anyone selects they are going to visit Disney up until the 10th October, they will be buying a special offer ticket however the ticket will only be valid until the 10th Oct. Any visiting date selected after the 10th of October will be buying a standard ticket for that day mini, magic or super magic that will be valid for a year from date of purchase.

Hi thanks for this, you have helped me alot. Quick question, I can see that the price difference for 1 day 1 park and 2 days 2 parks is very different. Could I not just buy the 1 day 1 park ticket twice, visiting 1 park on one day and then the other park the day after?? Hello Simone! Yes, you can technically do it but keep in mind that one park is huge and you will need more than 1 day for it and the other one is small and it closes at 6 pm, so I would personally buy 2 days 2 parks but it is up to you Have a great holiday!

This is Kim from the UAE. Sorry for the ailly question but are the Disneyland tickets being sold at the Picniq website are only for UK resident? Or other nationalities can avail of it also? I will be in Paris on 14th November and already booking tickets in advance. Hello Kim, in fact you are not the first person who ask me this question — yes, anyone can buy a ticket from that website, your nationality or the country where you live absolutely does not matter!

Enjoy Disneyland!

Cheap Tickets To Disneyland In Paris - How To Save At Least 20€ Per Person

Hi Yulia, Picniq mentioned the ticket include fastpass. Is this only for 1 ride or I can choose many rides as I want? Actually, this is a bit misleading because every ticket will offer Fastpass option the one where you book your time slot for a particular ride and come back during that time. Not all the rides are equipped with the special machines where you can get the time slot tickets from, but the most popular ones are. Picniq does not include the actual FastPass using which you can skip the line to any ride those are bought inside the park right after you enter.

Your post on Disney is very useful and given in great detail. Thanks for the information. We are planning to disneyland Paris on December 24th and 25th two days and it is on Christmas Eve. Just want to know is this ticket includes all the shows and parade? Guess it is something additional to park ticket.

Good to know

Yes, it includes all the shows and the parade of course. There are fastpass macnihes in the park that let you book a time slot and come back later with almost no line. These ones are free and they are available for the most popular and crowded rides. There is one more fast pass maybe that is the one you mean , you can buy it inside the park and it lets you skip all the lines, it is pretty awesome, but not really cheap and it is not included in the price of the ticket, no.

If I do this on line how do I go about it? I see the prices are currently better for 1 day 2 parks than for 2 days 2 parks because those have a bigger discount now. The offers change very often so it really depends on the offer that is running now. You can find the step-by-step instructions for buying the tickets online from the Disneyland website or Picniq website in this article, it is very easy. Hi Yulia, Thanks for all this info. Your instructions are easy to follow and you have a really good manner.

Keep up the good work! Cheers Julie Australia. For example 3 day Ticket 2 parks for Adult it is euro ,50 and child euro ,

best deals on disney hotels paris Best deals on disney hotels paris
best deals on disney hotels paris Best deals on disney hotels paris
best deals on disney hotels paris Best deals on disney hotels paris
best deals on disney hotels paris Best deals on disney hotels paris
best deals on disney hotels paris Best deals on disney hotels paris
best deals on disney hotels paris Best deals on disney hotels paris

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