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Entering the world of extreme couponing was almost a last resort for Geroux, but over the past three years it has become a lifestyle.

It began when the Hamilton, Ont. For the average Canadian, walking into a store with a binder of clippings and a clearcut strategy isn't practical, but diehards say there are several tactics that can be incorporated into anyone's shopping list.

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Price matching is one of the easiest ways to reduce grocery bills, and fellow saver Kristine Oberg says it's the basis for how she slashes expenses at the supermarket. Every weekend she scans local flyers to highlight items that are on sale at other retailers. A price match is quick and easy because the cashier will use the flyer as a reference to generate a discount on the spot.

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One of the best kept secrets of the retail industry is the Scanning Code of Practice, a voluntary standard used by most major retailers in Canada. It's surprising how often food products are priced wrong on shelves. When Oberg went shopping last week she noticed that all but one kind of Quaker instant oatmeal was on sale.

She carried the cinnamon-flavoured box to a price scanner to confirm her suspicions.

Canadian Companies that will Mail You Coupons

The Quaker box was on sale, but wasn't marked properly. So, Oberg took a picture of the price on her phone, paid for the item at the cash, and notified the customer service desk. On a lucky day, shoppers can save even more on mispriced items, said Geroux. I turn that little display right towards me so I can watch the scanner.

Internet coupons are also finally gaining more acceptance in Canada. This year, both Metro and Food Basics changed their policies to include coupons printed from computers. Geroux also recommends stocking up when there's a big sale, which is one of the most popular habits of frugal shoppers.

Where to Find The Best Canadian Coupons

To maximize those savings even further, hold off on using coupons until the items are marked down, which for many products happens once a month. If you prefer to operate in stealth, a few smartphone apps are available in Canada that don't require you to carry physical coupons. Checkout 51 available for Apple's iPhone and Android devices lets shoppers submit a photo of their weekly supermarket receipt and receive cash credits that will be paid out through personalized cheques.

The selection changes frequently and they do impose limits on how many coupons you can request per household.

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Check out their sister site flyerland. Wondering about shopping online? F ind out three things you'll save if you shop online. They also offer free samples—check back often as supplies are limited and featured products change frequently. Primarily a grocery coupon and grocery deals site , shoppers can also read articles on how to shrink their grocery bill using coupons and sales, find recipes and check out product reviews.

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All coupons and policies are verified prior to being posted by Canadian founders Steven and Lina Zussino. Follow them on Facebook for breaking deals and limited quality sample giveaways.

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canadian mail coupon sites Canadian mail coupon sites
canadian mail coupon sites Canadian mail coupon sites
canadian mail coupon sites Canadian mail coupon sites
canadian mail coupon sites Canadian mail coupon sites
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